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Thanks to its extremely high compressive strength and its very low water absorption capacity, Styrodur® is also ideally suited for multilayer insulation. The German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) has approved the multilayer installation of Styrodur for floor slabs, perimeter insulation and inverted roofs. This makes Styrodur the ideal insulation material for future-oriented insulation tasks.

Insulating pitched roofs with Styrodur® as above-rafter insulation is an ideal solution from a building physics point of view, as the thermal insulation layer is laid above the roof structure with almost no interruptions.

The above-rafter insulation can be carried out both in new buildings and in the renovation of old buildings, for example if a new roof covering is necessary.

Due to its high compressive strength, low water absorption, good thermal insulation properties and rotability, Styrodur® is also used as a frost protection layer when building roads and tracks. This not only avoids frost damage, but also lowers maintenance costs for traffic routes.

An insulation material has to meet similar requirements as for frost protection in road and track construction when building artificial ice rinks. The physical properties and advantages of the building make Styrodur the ideal insulation material for this application.

Due to its material properties, Styrodur® is ideally suited for the insulation of double-shell masonry constructions, the so-called core insulation.

The low water absorption, the excellent thermal insulation properties as well as the aging and rot resistance of the green XPS rigid foam panels allow installation between the two wall shells even without an air layer.