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Flat roof
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Roof - Styrodur© 5000 CS

The shape of the roof and, consequently, the materials with which sloping or flat roof structures are covered and sealed, have considerable architectural expressiveness - however, it is not just the design aspects that determine the character of a building. In addition to the function of the building, economic and structural aspects play an important role in the question of what kind of roof shape, with what layer structure and with what materials. Regardless of specific requirements, flat roofs as well as pitched roofs are able to meet the structural and structural requirements of a roof structure. Both the layer structure of a sloping roof and the different variants of only slightly sloping or even sloping roof structures meet the thermal insulation required in current standards and ordinances and reliably and permanently protect the building from the effects of the weather. The functionality of a roof does not depend on how steep the water-bearing level is, but on the planning and execution of the roof structure. The technical rules for seals - flat roof guidelines - of the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade - ZVDH - apply to the planning and execution of roof structures with seals as well as all layers required for the functionality of the roof structure / component structure.

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