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Styrodur® Hybrid is the first XPS board with general type approval as a perimeter insulation system for concreting in connection with waterproof concrete Basement exterior walls. Styrodur® Hybrid is the further development of the green insulating material made from extruder-foamed polystyrene.

The external thermal insulation made of Styrodur® is at the Perimeter insulation a construction that works in terms of water vapor diffusion, as the water vapor diffusion resistance of the individual layers decreases towards the outside. The thermal resistance of the individual layers increases outwards.

Also with regard to condensation protection of the exterior basement components is the one on the outside Thermal insulation layer advantageous. This will be, opposite the uninsulated component, the surface temperatures increased on the inside of the wall. This also contributes to something more comfortable Living at. The risk of condensation forming on the inner surface of the wall is low.

Perimeter insulation with soil moisture and non-accumulating Leachate (via groundwater) according to standard and Permit. DIN 4108-2 describes thermal insulation systems as perimeter insulation if the insulation panels are made of extruded polystyrene foam according to EN 13 164, are laid in one layer, are not used under building foundations and are not constantly in the groundwater. The perimeter insulation with Styrodur® panels above the groundwater level is therefore a standard-compliant construction. According to the approval or type approval, Styrodur® can be used as a

Perimeter insulation on exterior basement walls in contact with the ground one or two layers as well  layers on the the outer wall of the basement can be laid. Styrodur® Hybrid may be used as Single- layer perimeter insulation (60 mm - 160 mm) can be installed in accordance with the type approval.

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