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A strong contribution to sustainable building


SUSTAINABILITY of the Styrodur product life cycle

Insulation at a high level


From the floor to the roof, Styrodur® is the XPS with the most officially approved applications and offers the most flexible XPS portfolio for almost all structural and practical requirements from floor to flat roof insulation. Due to its dimensional stability, non-rotability and moisture resistance, the versatile insulation material Styrodur has proven to be a specialist in perimeter insulation. Thanks to its special pressure resistance, the insulation material from BASF is the first choice for all applications subject to pressure.

Pitched roof insulation

Floor insulation

Inverted roof insulation

Core insulation

Thermal bridge insulation

Ceiling insulation

Perimeter insulation

The CO2 balance of Styrodur®

During the production of one square meter of Styrodur®, 1 to 15 kg of CO2 are emitted, depending on the panel thickness and bulk density. In various applications, Styrodur prevents CO2 emissions of 6 to 7 tons per square meter of insulated surface over the course of 50 years.

Conclusion: a positive ecological balance.


Optimal thermal insulation with Styrodur® makes an important contribution to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which are the main cause of the greenhouse effect. In addition, there is the positive effect that investments in comprehensive thermal insulation measures pay off for the builder in the short term thanks to significantly lower energy consumption. Styrodur thus makes a decisive contribution to the eco-efficiency of your construction project. In addition, thermal insulation with Styrodur stands for thermal comfort, which makes a significant contribution to a healthy living environment.

Air as cell gas - a concrete contribution to environmental protection. As the largest chemical company in the world, BASF takes a leading position in the research and development of environmentally friendly insulation solutions.

As a result of this responsibility, BASF was the first company on the market to completely switch to low-pollutant CO2 technology. For this reason, Styrodur was awarded the environmental prize of the Federal Association of German Industry (BDI) in 2000.

PROVEN QUALITY - thanks to careful product testing


In order to ensure the high and proven quality of our product family in the long term, all Styrodur® products are carefully checked. The quality of the insulation material is checked several times during the production process. For this purpose, among other things, the thermal conductivity, the

Compressive strength, fire behavior and the dimensions of the panels are tested at regular intervals. Constant quality checks in our laboratories - such as B. Creep tests, water absorption and freeze-thaw alternation tests - not only ensure that Styrodur always meets the high expectations of its users; they also help us to optimize our insulation material and make it even more efficient.

In addition to the normative requirements, BASF has been testing the long-term pressure surge behavior of Styrodur for many years. Short-term tests on thrust behavior complete the extensive test program for all products in the range. This enables BASF to provide planners with more extensive and detailed technical data than many other XPS manufacturers.

Architects, structural engineers and engineers receive the highest level of planning security.

In order to ensure that the Styrodur panels fulfill the promised performance even after many years, they are regularly taken randomly from structures, some of which are decades old, and checked in internal and external laboratories. With these quality checks beyond the production process, we ensure that our products meet the requirements of the respective application for a long time.

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